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PS3 Controller, Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Double Vibration Six-Axis Remote Joystick for Playstation 3 with Charging Cord

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Noted: 3rd Party Products, Not Original Product from SONY.


High-performance Bluetooth controller for PS3.

4-way button with 2 analog joysticks.

Compatible with Sony PS3 only.

Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller.

Ergonomic design and easy to use.

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack.

Supports lithium battery charging and double motor vibration.

When charging, the controller the light will be flashing; when fully charged, the light turns off.

How to connect wirelessly

1. Connect to console with cable(USB mini) while the controller is off, charge for 10 minutes, press and hold HOME button ( round button) for 3 seconds until only 1 indicator works.

2. Then disconnect the cable, wait for one or two minutes. It will pair Redtooth automatically with the console (The 4 indicators will stop blinking, instead only 1 indicator remains bright, meaning it is connected already).

3. If the initial sync fails or it can't be charged normally, put a needle (pin or paper clip) into the mini hole at the back of the controller and press the button to reset it.

How to turn on/off

The controller will start when you press the round button or connect with computer by date cable. It will turn off when it takes 5 minutes after it is disconnected. If it can not stop working after a long time, please plug the data cable in computer then pull it out, thus it will be power off.

Package Included:

1 x Controller

1 x manual

1 x USB cable

2 x Thumb Grip

UPC: 686603227701